4 things to Consider In Choosing Furniture

There are factors that influence our choice of furniture. Such factors include: age, social status, climate, temperament all of which broadly fall under any of the following social, environmental or psychological influences. We are often unmindful of the nudging of these influences. Here is how to choose furniture:

Picking the right furniture

Furniture pieces are important in homes for covering up spaces and creating a perception of volume. You do not want your living room to be a lifeless, echoey space on planet Mars but what you also would not like is coming home to a space that seems to be suffocating. In the right combination, a piece of furniture could help accentuate a particular feature in your living room.
Here are things you have to consider while choosing furniture.


Colors consideration are essential when picking furniture
Colors are essential.

If you really want to make that house a home, know your colors. Colors are psychological tune knobs. The right combination of colors could improve your productivity, calm your anxiety, and improve our moods. Understanding the effects of colors on us is the first step. Next, we have to know what is the best combination of colors for the home so as to avoid a color riot.
However, some colors are much easier to maintain than others (families with kids would know this); and depending on the colors on the foreground/background elements like walls and curtain, flooring, you may have to consider a complementary color for the furniture. The psychological effect of colors is the subtle and sometimes understated part of our interaction with home pieces.


Tying to the color consideration is the question of how easy to clean the piece is and this also has to do with the material (cloth, leather, wood, glass) it is made from. Children are creatives. sometimes, furniture and walls are their favorite canvass. Crayons, inks, paints, cooking oil find their way out of study rooms and kitchens and this could present a difficult situation. Glass would in many cases be easier to clean than wood, Leather would, in many cases, be easier to clean than clothes.


I used to visit a friend who had this different seat for the mother because the other upholstery in the living room was too high for her. That’s right! Kids are not the only ones we should be concerned about when choosing furniture; adults do also find the heights a constraint. The best piece of furniture is made to fit. It is also selected with consideration to space use and users- kids, adults, physically challenged.

Longevity over Fad:

Furniture built to last is the better investment
Pieces of furniture soon become members of the family

Furniture is costly and you may have to live with your choice for a while. The song about my “grandfather’s clock” is an homage to excellent craftsmanship and the well-made furniture. I grew up in a home that had over 20-year-old furniture alongside the more modern ones and you can tell that the quality of craftsmanship was better twenty years ago. When you are picking furniture I advise longevity over fancy or fad. It is no use pursuing the cycle of fashion- it never ends and you’ll burn through your pockets.

Dog on a piece of furniture
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