21 Francis de Sales Quotes Christians Should Keep

Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers and journalists and the deaf, was born August 21, 1567, in Thorens, Savoy. He studied in Paris between 1580-1588; In 1593, he was ordained as a priest. An assassination attempt was made on his life in 1595. Two years later, Pope Clement VIII dispatched Francis to Geneva, Switzerland. In 1602, he became bishop of Geneva. He wrote Introduction to a Devout Life as a series of letters of spiritual guidance to Mme de Charmoisy, wife of the ambassador of the duke of Savoy.

In the letters, Francis de Sales addressed the reader as “Philothea” (Lover of God). He offered sound practical advice that holds relevance for modern Christians. Here are some edifying st Francis quotes from the timeless book:


You have Jesus within your soul. Take heart! These sorrows will pass and joy will remain with you.

St. Francis de Sales


If you fail to seek the strength to change, you will remain encumbered by them even after confession.

St. Francis de Sales


To be denounced and treated badly by good people, by your own friends and relatives is a true test of virtue.

St. Francis de Sales


Sometimes, two equally good people, both with good intentions have ideas that conflict.

St. Francis de Sales


There is a false kind of patience that looks for emotional support from others. The sufferer wants to be seen as enduring great trials without bitterness. They manage to evoke sympathy without seeming to care for it.

St. Francis de Sales


During a time of illness, turn your distress, pain, and frailty over to our Lord. Ask if they can be of service to Him.

St. Francis de Sales


True friendship in marriage involves a sharing of life, labor, possessions, endearment, and continuing faithfulness. This is an honest sacred friendship.

St. Francis de Sales


Of all the loves, friendship brings the most risk.

St. Francis de Sales


Young people tend to base their friendships on such things as a fine mustache or head of hair, smiling glances, well-tailored clothes, and knowledge of what is in fashion. This is acceptable for those who are still in blossom and whose judgment is only in bud.

St. Francis de Sales


The saints are often imperfect perfectionists

St. Francis de Sales


Put the valuable fragrant baggage of a prince on the back of a mule, and the mule is still a mule. Is there anything good about us that we did not receive as a gift?

St. Francis de Sales


We can be unfair in our self reproach

St. Francis de Sales


On the other hand, Philothea, don’t make a pretense of being humble

St. Francis de Sales


Don’t dwell upon your lack of perfection. It is natural to be sorry when we recognize we have made a poor choice but there is no value in harsh, dismal, rancorous, and emotional disapproval of yourself.

St. Francis de Sales


If you are awestruck by another’s holiness, remain content with your own lower and safe experience.

St. Francis de Sales


Humbly accept your own religious experience. God will pour out blessings on you.

St. Francis de Sales


A bishop needs certain qualities, a prince or a soldier needs others. All of us need all the virtues but they are necessarily distributed unevenly.

St. Francis de Sales


It is even more detrimental to look down on anyone who does not exhibit the same personality and preferences as your own.

St. Francis de Sales


If you must deal with the world’s commerce with one hand, keep the other hand with God.

St. Francis de Sales


Some people simply need to love or be loved. They give in to amorous desires… they are caught in sordid nets and have a hard time getting themselves out of these entanglements. The relationships are a waste of time, loss of honor, and satisfy nothing but an insatiable curiosity.

St. Francis de Sales


Marriage involves three steps before it is complete. It begins with a man’s proposal, which is then accepted by the woman. Last, she is united with him. In similar manner, God’s proposal to us is inspiration. If we respond positively, we will then cooperate with God.

St. Francis de Sales

Which of these St Francis quotes speaks to you?

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